More than Engineering...

We are specialized in manufacturing automatic assembly machines as per customer requirement. PAA designs and builds custom automatic assembly machines and EOL testing units for industries including medical, pharma, electrical , automobiles, plastic etc..

Leaders in precision Engineering...

PAA itself has gained a special recognition in the automation industry where the components to be handled are very minute and assembly requires high level of precision.

With over 23 years of experience,our innovative design and build teams embrace latest technologies to manufacture the machine.

Adaptive to latest technologies...

For each project, we integrate technologies which suits best for the application.

  • Vision System
  • Electrical Grippers
  • Electro- Pneumatic Pick and Place Units
  • Robotic Applications

We serve following industries

Medical Devices

We offer assembly solutions to various medical devices like IV Catherter, Syringe Assembly, 3 WayCoke Assembly etc ...


Few pharma products are Auto Injector Assembly Machine, Bottle Leak Testing machines, PFS Assembly and Labeling m/c, Pen Ejector Assembly M/c, Safety Slider Assembly M/c etc ...


We offer assembly machines for automobile sector like Quick Connector Assembly M/c, Edge Clip Assembly M/c, Brake Piston Assembly, Tubeless Valve Assembly M/c etc..


We offer assembly machines for Electrical Industries like Switch Assembly, Socket Assembly, Temperature Sensor Assembly, Connector Assembly, Contact Assembly, Terminal Assembly etc..

Bottle Caps / Closures

High Speed machines to assemble bottle caps/closures. Auto feeding, cutting and insertion of wad, assembly of inner and outer caps and camera inspection for quality.

Plastics/Consumer Goods

We offer assembly machines for various other industries like plastic, rubber, consumer goods etc...

Machine Types
Linear Indexing

Used for complex assemblies that require more operational stations

Rotary Indexing

Used for assemblies where operating stations are less

XTS Technology

Linear drive technology boosts the flexibility of the assembly line. We are proud pioneers in its application in India.

Continuous Motion

High Speed, Inline assembly  machines. 


Why to choose Pentagon


Decades of experience in building assembly machines which handles minute and complex parts.


Always in the forefront to adapt latest technologies as applicable in the design.


Utmost care is taken to build quality products which adhere to global standards.In house quality Inspection facilities ensures the quality standards.


  • Tool Room with VMC, CNC, Wirecut and Conventional Machines.
  • Design Dept with 2D & 3D S/Ws
  • Software developers for PLC, SCADA, Motion, Robot and Vision Systems.

Support and Service

Dedicated team to attend any post sales service / support requirement. A well established documentation is followed for efficient support. 


We follow adequate safety standards to all of our machines.  We provide the certification like CE, UL etc. as per the compliance requirements. 


Proud moments !


ISO Certificate